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The Római-part is one of Budapest's most famous and favorite stretches of coast, which is part of the Capital III. located in the district. The Római-part is located on the left bank of the Danube, between Margit Bridge and Árpád Bridge. The coastline here has a uniquely beautiful natural environment and offers many opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.


The Római-parte is characterized by a long coastline, where there are many restaurants, cafes and bars. These places offer an excellent opportunity for lovers of gastronomy. The restaurants here offer traditional Hungarian dishes, but also masterpieces of international cuisine. Riverport is located at the end of the Kings Road, the M0 motorway is about 2 minutes away. 


The Római-part also offers opportunities for sports. The road along the coast is an ideal location for cycling or scootering. It is also possible to rent a kayak, where you can explore the wonderful panorama and flow of the Danube by canoe or kayak.


Also on the Római-parte is the Római Strandfürdő, which is one of the largest beach baths in Budapest. The beach has 11 pools, including children's pools, thermal pools and swimming pools. In its garden, there are several sports fields and playgrounds, as well as buffets and barbecue terraces.


All in all, the Római-part is one of the most luxurious and attractive parts of the Danube coast in Budapest, which offers complete relaxation and rest to all those who love nature and life by the water.

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