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Technical description

Only the highest quality building materials are used in the construction of the Riverport II residential complex, thereby ensuring durability and longevity. 

When designing the buildings, we paid special attention to energy saving and sustainability. The heating and cooling systems used in the residential park also represent the latest energy-saving technologies.

Site development

3 buildings will be constructed on the plot. The garden, opened together with the first phase of the residential park, closed in the area around the buildings, for the exclusive use of the residents, will be designed as a recreation park, with paved roads, garden furniture, a playground in the part further from the houses, a foot tennis court, a ping-pong table, and a 30 m3, 40-100 cm with a deep built-in children's pool.

Building structure

Support structure

The foundation of the building is a waterproof reinforced concrete slab foundation.

Monolithic reinforced concrete frame structure, with pillars, with monolithic reinforced concrete staircase bracing core. 

External masonry

The frame filling (external) masonry is made of 30 cm thick Ytong masonry elements.


Slabs at the bottom - at the top flat plate monolithic reinforced concrete slabs (with integrated cooling and heating panels). With step-resistant EPS insulation and screed concrete.

Heat and sound insulation

16 cm thick stone wool plate on the facade. 

The monolithic staircase structure is designed with acoustic separation to eliminate knocking sounds.


Apartment partition walls are made of 30 cm thick lime-sand masonry blocks (Silka soundproof brickwork) in accordance with acoustic requirements.

The partition walls inside the apartment are made of 10 cm thick Ytong masonry elements.

Facade coverings

The facade of the building has installed ceramic cladding and custom-made aluminum lamellar cladding. Hilti system mounted frontal support.

Shutters and interior spaces, coverings

Front doors and windows

External doors and windows: aluminum patio doors and windows without thermal bridges with a structural thickness of 87 mm, or 171 mm thick lifting-sliding iron patio doors, with heat-insulating 3-ray glazing (Ug=1.0 W/m2k)


The price of the apartment does not include a built-in kitchen.

Internal coverings

In common corridors and stairwells: large-element gres tile covering; synthetic resin on the basement level.

In apartments with covering layers adapted to the use of the rooms: strip parquet underlay with foam foil / 8 mm thick large-sized glazed ceramic or stone porcelain floor tile (with additional waterproofing for use in the bathroom), color-matched skirting board or plinth


Built-in shutter case prepared for motorized movement, PUR foam-filled, heat-insulated aluminum shutter cover can be requested for an extra charge (external installation).

Built-in furniture

The basic equipment of the apartment does not include built-in furniture.


interior: stainless steel material, wooden grab bar

exterior: enclosed glass railing

external individual steel elements: duplex surface treatment (galvanized + painted)

Entrance doors

Apartment entrance doors

security entrance door, with reinforced security lock, steel case, burglar-proof handle set and opening limiter, anti-pinch, optical viewing opening, aluminum threshold, MABISZ certification, in one color (cannot be changed at extra cost)

Terrace coverings

Flooring of balconies and terraces: colored granite floor slabs (20 mm thick), installed on board supports with hidden drainage

Ceiling covering of balconies and terraces: lamella covering with wood effect


Lift: 6-person, 1050 kg capacity, also suitable for transporting furniture.

Construction engineering


Ceiling heating, floor heating on ceramic covered surfaces.


The heating-cooling system is provided by 7 heat pumps placed on the roof of each building. 

No gas is formed.

Sanitary facilities II

White acrylic bathtub, built-in, with tiled front wall, chrome drain-overflow set. (Only in those bathrooms where a bathtub is marked on the floor plan.) 

White porcelain, deep-flush wall-mounted console toilet bowl, under-wall flush tank, in two-button design for long and short flushing.


Ceiling cooling.

Sanitary ware I

Washbasin white porcelain/cast artificial marble washbasin.

Shower tray covered with cold cover  

Wire network

The main and riser pipes for domestic hot and cold water are plastic or galvanized steel pipes, the branch pipes in the apartments are five-layer plastic pipes run in the wall or floor. Channel plastic pipelines.


Bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms with internal exhaust (without natural ventilation)

duct system consisting of metal air duct elements in a strang walled with sand-lime bricks. In toilets and bathrooms, a unique fan exhaust system started with a light switch, in the kitchens, a connection option for the kitchen extractor hood is designed flush with the wall. The exhaust air is discharged above the roof plane.


Balcony/terrace (with a floor area of more than 20m2) 

garden faucet installed in the external facade wall, which can be defrosted in winter weather. An automatic irrigation system will be installed on the entire site.

Building electricity

Wire system

The type accepted by MVM (E-on, ELMŰ), the electrical consumption meters of the apartments are grouped by level, in the electrical meter cabinet in the stairwell. The entire assembly is designed according to MSZ EN-60364. The building's contact protection zeroing (TN-C-S network) supplemented with an EPH network. Touch protection inside the apartment is provided by a separate FI relay

Electric car charger

A prepared electric car charging station will be built for each garage parking space, so it can be created either at the time of handover or at a later date.


LED light sources and decorative lighting will be installed in the entire area of the building and in public spaces.

Asset protection

A permanent camera system will be installed in the entire site and monitored by the porter service 24 hours a day. 

An alarm (Paradox) will be installed in the apartments, and a smoke detector connected to the concierge service. 

The doors and windows of the ground-floor apartments are equipped with an opening sensor and burglar-proof security film.

IT Network

In the building, the service provider installs an optical cable, CAT6 cable network inside the apartment, 1 double connector each in the living room and bedrooms. It is the customer's responsibility to enter into a contract with the service provider


Based on the nfc chip built into the control key, the one-key access control system is able to open the sold property, the associated storage room and all gates and doors that provide access to the building with one key.

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